Motorcraft® Plugs Get You Glowing.


Motorcraft® makes the only glow plug designed specifically for your Ford Power Stroke® Diesel Engine. The competition can only attempt to recreate our rigorous testing and patented designs. The primary purpose of the glow plug system is to warm up the engine cylinders to improve cold engine starting. Motorcraft® glow plugs give you the optimal, long-lasting performance you expect with a Ford Power Stroke® Diesel.

OE Approved Motorcraft® Glow Plugs are the only glow plugs approved by Navistar and Ford Motor Company for your Power Stroke® diesel.

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Glowplug Harness

Long Lasting: Motorcraft® Glow Plugs undergo a series of environmental tests against corrosion and are built with materials to help ensure long life.

Special Testing: Motorcraft® Glow Plugs are subjected to special tests that are designed to replicate the practical demands of daily running and garage repair. Motorcraft® expects a minimum of 10,000 ignition cycles from every glow plug produced.

Warranty: Motorcraft® glow plugs are covered by a 24 months / unlimited miles warranty. All warranties are backed by Ford Motor Company and supported by more than 4,000 Ford and Lincoln Mercury Dealerships nationwide.


Glowplug System