Transforming Fuel Into Power —
the Power Stroke® Fuel Injection System.

Connecting Rods

The advanced-design, high-pressure, hydraulic fuel injectors in Power Stroke® Diesel Engines precisely control the delivery of the fuel into the combustion chamber. The Internal components of the Power Stroke® Diesel's fuel injectors are precisely engineered to the extreme tolerances that are critical to generating peak horsepower and torque as well as meeting stringent Federal emission standards.

Change fuel filterTo begin with, Motorcraft® replaces the entire coil assembly for each injector to prevent wire fatigue and poor cold-start conditions. Then, high pressure sealing surfaces inside the cylinder head assembly are refinished to original specifications (less than 2 microns of flatness). The precision flatness of these surfaces is critical to high pressure (20,000-plus psi), injection systems and assures long engine life, good mileage and performance.

The injector's intensifier bodies are given new plungers and both components are precision-match honed to operate flawlessly at extreme pressures and temperatures with 100 percent durability and reliability.

All spool valves are replaced with new parts, and both control valve bodies and spools are precision ground to Ford's exacting diametrical tolerance for excellent sealing and oil direction. Competitors re-use the old spool valves.

Fuel Maintenance Frequency

All remanufactured nozzle assemblies are inspected, then chemically treated and micro brushed to remove carbon and fuel residue. Each nozzle is then tested to ensure proper performance and emissions levels – the results: you needn't worry about high carbon buildup, nozzle coking, poor performance or emissions issues.

Compared to aftermarket remanufacturers, Motorcraft® offers new rod assemblies, new M4 screws and cone nuts, 100 percent flow-tested nozzles and nitrogen leak tested injector assemblies. When you want top quality and value for your fuel injector dollars, go Motorcraft® .

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