Using The Proper Coolant and
Coolant Additive Is Essential —

For Optimal Engine And Vehicle Performance.


Motorcraft® Premium Gold Engine Coolant provides optimal protection for the engine and other cooling system components.

Motorcraft® coolant provides protection against both freezing and internal corrosion.

Motorcraft® sells coolant designed for all available Power Stroke® Diesel engines, with a range of SCA boosters and cooling system cleaners all formulated to get the very best from your vehicle.

The difference between Motorcraft® Premium Gold Engine Coolant and other brands is all in the corrosion inhibitor chemistry.

Internal Coolant Flow

Motorcraft® Premium Gold Engine Coolant has an optimized hybrid organic acid technology (HOAT) inhibitor chemistry that includes silicates for aluminum protection and nitrites for protection against cavitation on cylinder walls.

Watch out for other brands! The corrosion inhibitors used in competing brand's coolants may be incompatible with the factory fill.

Protect your Power Stroke® investment and minimize operating costs. Using the proper coolant is essential for optimal engine and vehicle performance.

The wrong coolant can damage engine gaskets, seals or metals in the engine and heat exchangers.

Coolant Additive

Motorcraft® Diesel Coolant Additives –
Good In Any Power Stroke® Diesel Engine.

Periodic use of Motorcraft® VC-8 Diesel Cooling System Additive maintains the correct nitrite concentration levels in your system's coolant to protect your engine and cooling system components. Power Stroke® Engine cooling systems using Motorcraft® Gold coolant should be tested with every third oil change to determine if additional VC-8 is needed.

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