The 6.4L Power Stroke® Engine.

Massive Torque You Can Feel.
(Available as Reman)

Strong, durable and powerful — the 6.4L Power Stroke® is one of today's most advanced diesel engines.

Ford truck

Smart new technology kicks up big horsepower and torque while you enjoy quieter idling and a smoother ride.

The 6.4L can punch out more horses and torque while meeting strict EPA emissions standards thanks to:

  • An active Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
  • Enhanced Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)
  • Advanced multi-shot piezoelectric fuel injection control
  • And two-stage turbocharger

Two-Stage Variable Turbocharger Features:

  • Big power and smooth acceleration from takeoff to top-end
  • Reduced turbo-lag
  • Electronic actuator gives you more get-up-and-go
  • High-durability high-nickel, cast iron alloy steel turbine housing

High Performance, Less Pollution,

Fuel Injection

With Super High-Pressure, Common-Rail Injection for:

  • Improved cold weather drivability
  • 29,000 psi injection pressure
  • Improved combustion power and reduced noise
  • Runs ultra-low sulfur highway diesel fuel (ULSD) and Biodiesel fuel blends up to B5

It's Easy To Chill

With The New, Upgraded Cooling System.

  • Additional cooling capacity regulates the two-stage turbocharger for sustained heavy engine loads
  • Upsized water pump and increased capacity cooling fan
  • New fuel-cooling circuit reduces fuel injection system return temperatures while cooling turbocharger electronics

Power Stroke® Diesel Comes Clean.

  • Reduced EGR valve failures, thanks to an EGR valve that's 20 times stronger than others
  • Reduced contamination and soot deposits, with dual EGR coolers and an EDOC (EGR Oxidation Catalyst) that eliminates soot before it ever becomes a problem
  • Less maintenance – with a 120,000-mile Diesel Particulate Filter (estimated)

The muscular 6.4L Power Stroke® Diesel engine is bristling with industry-best performance and durable engine technology.