The 7.3L Power Stroke® Diesel Engine.

(Available as Reman)

Massive Torque, Proven Performance.

A replacement engine is a big investment. You want one built to last. Ford and Motorcraft® remanufactured Power Stroke® Diesel engines like the load-hauling 7.3L are the only reman engines authorized by Ford Motor Company. They've been rebuilt and restored from the ground up and rigorously tested, using Ford-approved remanufacturing processes to ensure compliance with original equipment standards. Several different build levels are available, allowing you to purchase only what you need, saving you money and time.

Fuel Injector

  • Every remanufactured diesel engine and component has been fully restored to its original equipment specifications using top-quality components – helping assure reliable and trouble-free operation
  • Every long block and complete drop-in 7.3L engine is live-run, dynamometer tested and oil tested to make sure it provides you with the power and quality you demand
  • Turbo
  • All short block engines are 100% evaluated using state-of-the-art computer-controlled testing stations that simulate the harshest vehicle conditions before it ever leaves the plant
  • Complete, printed test results are included with each remanufactured engine shipped

*The Ford and Motorcraft® Remanufactured Diesel Warranty.

Water Pump

Ford and Motorcraft® remanufactured diesel engines have the industry's best warranty – hands down. With different build levels available to save you money, the only thing better than the product is the warranty. For specific engines, Ford uses the REAL manufacturing specifications. Others just use ordinary service specs. Here's the difference:

  • Anyone can find the service specs, just by looking in any workshop manual. These are specs that allow the engine to operate “adequately.”
  • Manufacturer's specs, however, are the same ones Ford uses when manufacturing a brand new engine. Meeting these specifications ensures that the engine operates optimally.
  • No one else in the industry has the original manufacturing specifications – they are proprietary to Ford. That's why only Ford can rebuild a Power Stroke® engine to its original quality.
  • Sure, the competition “rebuilds to OE specs,” but because they're using Service Specs, in essence, they are simply producing a rebuilt engine – compared to the truly “remanufactured” engine provided by Ford.

Warranty coverage for C6007 Complete and 6006 Stripped Ford/Motorcraft® Diesel Engine Assemblies (6.9L IDI, 7.3L IDI, 7.3L IDIT, 7.3L DIT**, 6.0L DIT) includes:

  • 24-month/unlimited miles coverage for defective parts and labor (except those noted below)
  • Oil Pump
  • A no-fault core policy – 100 percent credit given with no deductions for the quality of the returned engine core
  • Service at the original installer or at any Ford/Lincoln Mercury dealership, nationwide (component parts, over-the-counter sales and commercial vehicle applications included)

Every Remanufactured Power Stroke® Engine Comes With A 2-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty* – Here's Why.

A replacement engine is a big investment. You want one built to last. Remanufactured Power Stroke® Diesel engines are the only remans authorized by Ford Motor Company. They've been rebuilt from the ground up, using only specially engineered Ford-approved remanufacturing processes, and then rigorously tested to ensure compliance with original equipment standards.

*Please see your local Ford or Lincoln Mercury Dealer.

**7.3L DIT 6007 Configuration