The 6.0L Power Stroke® Engine.

Its Competition Isn't Much Competition.
(Available as Reman)

6.0L Power Stroke® Diesel engines deliver world-class performance. The 6.0L outsells all other diesel engines — Dodge, Chevy and GMC — combined.

Engine Torque

Punch the accelerator. The 6.0L Ford Power Stroke® is the horsepower leader among heavy-duty pickups, with:

  • A state-of-the-art variable geometry turbocharger provides maximum responsiveness at all speeds, with any load size
  • 5-speed TorqShift™ automatic transmission for acceleration, drivability and stump-pulling, low-end torque
  • Durable, rigid cast iron bedplate and multi-layer stainless steel head gaskets
  • Fuel Supply
  • Best-in-class serviceability and ease of maintenance, including:
    • Hydraulic roller followers that eliminate valve lash adjustments
    • Easily accessible cartridge-style fuel and oil filters
    • Externally accessible glow plugs
    • Less service time in the shop and lower overall maintenance costs

The 6.0L Power Stroke® Diesel — Up Close and Personal.


4 valves per cylinder provide better airflow for greater power and fuel economy.

Power Stroke® Diesel's fast warm-up capability heats the cab and clears the windshield in practically no time, even in cold climates.

Added durability and longevity for base engine components, with a 42% increase in oil flow for improved piston cooling.Oil Lines

Externally serviceable glow plugs are accessible without removing valve covers, saving you time and money.

Premium silicon seals on O-ring fittings help provide greater oil flow reliability and 30% fewer oil leak paths.

The new air filter design is capable of holding almost 3 pounds of dirt before it needs replacement. A filter minder measures restriction and indicates when the change is needed.

Air Filter

Easy access oil filter features a top-mounted cartridge design to ease routine maintenance – no need to crawl under the vehicle.

Stainless steel, multi-layer head gaskets are exceptionally durable.

Reusable long-life gaskets help save on parts costs.