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What is a Power Stroke® Diesel?

Power Stroke® Diesel engines are durable, massively powerful, diesel internal combustion engines designed for Ford Motor Company's Super Duty pickups and other Ford trucks. Renowned for their outstanding performance, rugged reliability and excellent fuel economy, Power Stroke® diesel engines have gathered legions of fans and legendary status. These hardworking diesels are over-engineered to take on the toughest challenges.

The Power Stroke® Diesel program began with a partnership formed in 1982 between International Truck and Engine Corporation (later called Navistar, Incorporated) and Ford Motor Company to build diesel engines. Today, Ford's upcoming new 6.7L Power Stroke® turbo diesel engine (arriving in 2011) has been designed, developed and manufactured internally by Ford.

Where are Power Stroke® Diesel engines manufactured?

The 6.0L and 6.4L Power Stroke® Diesel engines are built in the Huntsville (Alabama) Engine Plant. Over 3,700,000 engines have been built to date.

What vehicles can be equipped with Power Stroke® Diesel engines?

The Power Stroke® Diesel engine's family of vehicles includes the Ford F-250 through F-550 Super Duty pickup trucks and chassis cabs, E-Series vans, Ford Excursions, Low Cab Forwards (LCFs) and past F650/750 models.

Why are more and more truck owners choosing diesel engines?

Diesel engines provide superior power, low-end torque, durability and performance compared to most gasoline engines — important benefits for drivers and commercial operators. They are also generally more fuel-efficient than gasoline-powered vehicles, typically getting 20-40 percent better mileage.

Why are Ford Power Stroke® Diesels the best selling diesel engines in America?

Because Ford Pickups are the best selling trucks in America, period. But more than that, demanding customers choose the Power Stroke® Diesel engine option because it delivers benefits they can't get anywhere else: excellent performance and fuel economy; reduced noise, vibration and harshness; easier serviceability; and increased durability and reliability. Over 3.7 million* Power Stroke® diesel-equipped Ford trucks have been produced and an astonishing 98.5% are still on the road.*

* R.L.Polk registrations - January, 1994 through December, 2009.

Are Power Stroke Diesel® engines environmentally-friendly?

Yes! Everyone wants clean air and an adequate supply of fuel. Diesel engines are extremely efficient, typically getting 20-40 percent better fuel economy than gasoline engines. And with Ford Power Stroke® Engineering's continuous improvements, they're becoming even more efficient. Innovations include a new exhaust gas recirculation system, selective catalytic reduction and diesel particulate filter.

Today's diesel engines meet the EPA's stringent 2007 clean air standards. The upcoming, all-new 6.7L will run on B20 biodiesel fuel. This new "greener" fuel formulation uses up to 20 percent biodiesel and 80 percent petroleum diesel.

To find out more about Navistar's commitment to the environment, please visit To learn more about Ford Motor Company's environmental commitment, go to

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