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whats not to love about a powerstroke

Andy - Grand Valley, PA

the fact it can drive over snow piles the fact that it is a heavy built truck it can haul a farm tractor 1086 international or a 4640 John Deere with a scoop bucket on but I failed to get pictures of that will though the all around power you get from the powerstroke this is my second powerstroke and I just loved the first one which was a 1995 F250 then went without a truck until 2005 then I bought my F350 FX4 and now I love this truck as much as the first one even more I use the truck everyday and I drive it everyday it now has 151532 miles on it today and it is one tough truck and I have owned this truck since April 12 2005

John - Fort Morgan, CO

Fordzilla power!! The 7.3L is hands down a bullet proof power house, I love the fact that I get close to 20 mpg in a truck that is so big and heavy, driving this truck down the road makes you feel safe and the engine will probably outlast the driver. Gas crisis!!? Not here!!!

Adrian - Miami, FL

AFE cold air intake, 4" Turbo-back exhaust, Hypertech III programmer, 4" Superlift w/Bilsteins, Dick Cepek wheels with 35" BFGs. This truck rocks and gets good milage too!

Greg - Woodland Park, CO

everything wouldnt trade it for any other truck

Anthony - Mauckport, IN

I own a 2003 Ford F-250 SuperDuty Diesel with the 7.3 liter engine. I purchased the truck new, and have lifted it 8 inches and added a few other mods to it. It is the best truck I have ever owned, and will definitely buy another ford truck in the future. Hands down Ford builds the best trucks in the world. J.Tyczinski

John - New Holland, PA

Tows 32 ft fifth wheel w ease has Banks stinger plus upgrade w exhaust brake , pillar mount gages,e4od 4x4 w/trans comand shift module great for tow and fun to drive w 18-20mpg empty and 10-12 towing

Bob - Portland, OR

My second Ford F250 Powerstroke tows boats and trailers better than any truck I have driven. It not only tows great but looks great and makes me the envy of the boat yard.

Ed - Culver, IN

matt - transylvania, CA

I bought this truck brand new and have been in love with it ever since then. I love that fact that it has so much power and torque and can handle anything I throw at it. I use to haul cars with it, but now its my glorified shop truck. I have done alot of modifications to both the engine and overall appearance. The 6.0 is putting out over 400 rwhp and close to 800 ft. lbs. of torque and it continues to amaze me everyday. I love my powerstroke diesel. Gotta give a shout out to all my buddies at SuperDutyDiesel.com

Stephen - Albertville, AL

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